What about driving and rest periods ?

All our trips and excursions are carried out in accordance  with the law on driving and rest periods.

If you want more information on this legislation  you can consult the FBBA website ( Federation of Belgian Bus & Coach Companies ) or just contact our coach service desk.

How safe are the coaches ?

Safety is our priority.
Our coaches are regularly maintained in our own garage and subjected  to the legal annual  inspections.
Accidents can always happen, though…

Can we smoke in the coach ?

All our coaches are non-smoking.

Are beverages available in the coach ?

Drinks are available. Just ask the driver

Is eating allowed in the coach ?

It is allowed on the condition that everything is left behind  neatly and tidily.

Respect he people travelling by the same coach later on. Those who travelled with it before you
apparently have done so.

What about tipping the driver ?

If you are very satisfied with the driver you are free to do so at your own discretion.

What do I have to do in case a piece of luggage has got lost ?

Everybody is responsible for his own luggage. Leaving behind valuable object  ( mobile phones, cameras , handbags etc. )  is at your own risk.
Lost property can be picked up during office hours. Please , first call the office so that we can assure you that
the lost item has actually been returned to our office.

What do put in my hand luggage ?

Things you’ ll be needing during the trip itself , such as  passport, candies ...